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WOW To Host CXBank$ On World Mental Health Day October 10

CXBank$ is a unique opportunity for consumers to express their voice to the Banking and Financial Sector post The Royal Commission.

Improved customer experiences of the banking, insurance and financial sectors is everyone's responsibility. As consumers our voice matters.

This year we discuss the impact of financial abuse on domestic and family violence victims/ survivors. Recovering from trauma impacts every sphere of life.

CX Bank$ (CX = customer experience) is an online gathering that provides a unique opportunity for consumers, DV survivors and advocates, mental health experts and the finance sector to come together and discuss practical solutions. It's all about Financial Safety.

We ask how can the banking sector and business become a better part of financial empowerment for survivors? Are we doing enough? We want your views? Take advantage of forward-thinking panel expert speakers, connect with influential attendees, and much more. Register today, it's online, it's free to attend. Join us for a unique and inspiring experience. All panels will be broadcast online.

Register to attend at

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