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WOW Self Care School Starts March 15

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

We are thrilled to announce WOW Self Care School will launch for 2020 on March 15. WOW Self Care School is an 8 week fun and highly engaging, interactive online video based education program which has been specifically designed to strengthen Self Care practices and build resilience through enhancing wellbeing: Mind. Body. Spirit.

WOW Self Care School integrates rehabilitation methodologies to assist recovery from workplace psychological injuries such as sexual harassment, bullying and can also help those impacted by Domestic and Family Violence rebuild their lives.

Think of WOW Self Care School like an online peer support group with practical lessons and tips to take action on together. You will have the benefit of a confidential online nurture group who are all working through the course too.

The program also brings the latest theories and methodologies from the world of positive psychology combined with evidence based knowledge and skills to improve emotional wellbeing.

* WOW Self Care School is not an alternative to good psychological therapy and we encourage you to discuss if this course may be helpful for you with your own treating therapist, if you are currently being supported.

About WOW Self Care School

Program Objectives:

• To equip participants with fundamental Self Care and wellbeing life skills that builds emotional resilience and encourages good health

• To develop communication competence

• To build healthier relationships at work, at home and at play

• To enhance life satisfaction and motivation

• To increase personal engagement

• To enhance participants recovery from trauma and psychological injury

• To assist return to work outcomes and prevent relapse

WOW Self Care School is suitable for anyone interested in learning and maximising their own Self Care. However, we find the program best suits three core groups:

1. The Helping Professions – keen to take a refresher in their own Self Care, and looking for a valuable Self Care tool to recommend to their patients and clients

2. High Achieving Business People who crave something more in life and are looking for meaning and purpose. You possibly have been through a rough time of late and know that your own Self Care needs attention and self love too.

3. Advocates and Activists who are actively involved in social justice issues such as Domestic and Family Violence, Climate Change, Gender Equity, Patient Activism and more.

What WOW Self Care School Offers

This is a practical Self Care course designed to educate, inform and inspire you to add healthy Self Care habits and practices to your life. One step at a time.

WOW Self-Care School is structured around seven essential dimensions of wellness;

1. Physical

2. Social

3. Community

4. Spiritual

5. Financial

6. Planet

7. Career

Self-Care is about more than looking and feeling good; it involves nurturing every aspect of yourself - mind, body and spirit.

We like to think of the dimensions of self-care and wellness like a car. Each part of a car plays a vital role in the overall functioning of the vehicle. If any part of the car is broken or malfunctioning - for example the brakes wear out - the car becomes unstable, and it cannot function the way it was intended to. Sure, you can continue to drive your car when your brakes need work, but eventually you'll run the risk of doing serious damage to yourself and your car.

Like a car in need of work, we can 'get by' and still function while only attending to some dimensions of wellness, but that choice comes with downsides. To ensure that we keep running smoothly we need periodic tune-ups, and we'd be wise not to ignore any warning signals that an area of our life needs attention. Just like we wouldn't purchase a brand-new car and drive it around for years without ever taking it for a routine oil change and maintenance, our bodies, minds, and spirits require the same level of upkeep.

Let's quickly review what each dimension of self-care and wellness entails:


Physical wellness is all about how your body functions. To function optimally, your body needs proper nourishment, exercise and healthy habits.


We were created for social connection. We are at our best when we have healthy relationships with people who genuinely care about us, respect us, and lift us up.


When we are financially healthy, we are satisfied with our overall standard of living. We manage our personal finances well to create financial security and eliminate day-to-day stress caused by debt and are able to build financial reserves.


When we are spiritually healthy, we realise that we exist beyond the physical and our life has a sense of meaning and purpose.


Community wellbeing can actually be the differentiator between a good life and a great one. It starts with some of the basics. While you might not think about the quality of water you drink, or the air you breath ever day, a lack of security about these fundamental needs can cause significant concern over time. Feeling safe walking alone at night in your neighbourhood and having confidence that you won’t be harmed or assaulted is another primary necessity.


Life is too short to be doing work that doesn’t make you feel good. Vocational Self Care involves finding meaning in the work that you do and knowing how to cope when you find yourself in a less than optimal employment situation.


What’s good for our bodies is good for the planet – and what’s bad for the earth is bad for our health. The link between mental health and environmental degradation is now well established. We all have a role in caring for our planet: organics, eliminating plastics, reducing our carbon footprint, caring for habitats and more.

Weekly Modules

Each week a new module is released on the Sunday. You have the week to watch the videos, complete the quizzes, sample the self care ‘tasters’ and join the Nurture Hour within the private Facebook Group.

Self Care School is structured in a manner that enables you to build healthy habits for life, focusing on your own Self Care.

Upon enrolment you can access to the Introduction and Preparation Module.

Thereafter the course is structured:

Week 1: What is Self Care?

Week 2: Career Wellbeing

Week 3: Social Wellbeing

Week 4: Financial Wellbeing

Week 5: Physical Wellbeing

Week 6: Community Wellbeing

Week 7: Spirituality and Wellbeing

Week 8: Planet Wellbeing

Bonus ‘Taster’ Self Care experiences are provided with each module you try.

Nurture Hours

All attendees of WOW Self Care School benefit from joining our private Facebook Group where we host each week a dedicated ‘Nurture Hour’. You’ll hear live from experts on the Self Care plinths and get an opportunity to ask questions and gain feedback. We want you to really enjoy connecting with others too on their own Self Care journey.


WOW Self Care School is an intensive 8 week video based online learning program. Think of it like a retreat on steroids. To ensure the program is affordable we offer two payment options. You can pay the total cost for the program upfront when you enrol of $1600 or select the monthly payment option for 12 months of $166.00. Both options give you lifetime access or for as long as the course is offered. This means you can retake the course each year with additional upgrades for FREE. Scholarships are available to victims/survivors of Domestic and Family Violence, Workplace Harassment and Bullying.

A complete directory of evidence based taster bonus' is included in the course, along with appropriate referencing to published research and academic papers.

If this sounds like YOU and you'd like to join the 2020 cohort that starts March 15, head on over to WOW Self Care School to enrol. See you inside.

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