WOW Self Care Lounges

The WOW Self Care Lounge at #cxbanks features an art gallery exhibition by Amani Haydar and a mini Self Care Film Festival by social justice film maker, Bridget Ninness. CXBank$ is an online webinar style gathering with three user components.

1: Virtual attendees can visit the auditorium and watch the webinar style panels discussion the intersection of Domestic and Family Violence, Mental Health and Financial Abuse.

2: They can attend the virtual expo hall and collect brochures and information from exhibitors

3: Enjoy the self care lounge, its ideal to snuggle up in a comfy chair, with a herb tea and learn about sounding, meditation, art therapy as healing tools and more.

CXBank$ bonus content can be viewed for 30 days for all attending delegates so there is ample time to enjoy, learn and digest all the valuable content.

If you would like a WOW Self Care Lounge at your event, real world or online, please reach out to us.

CXBank$ will be broadcast on World Mental Health Day, October 10. Tickets are free to attend.

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