What Can We Learn from The Animal Kingdom About Workplace Behaviour

We talk to leadership expert, Andrew O'Keefe on our In the Spirt of Things Conversations. What can we learn about behaviour by observing the animal kingdom?

Andrew Is the director of Hardwired Humans and the author of Hardwired Humans and The Boss. He helps organisations align their leadership and people practices to human nature.

Andrew's early career experiences included senior HR roles in information technology, telecommunications and professional services. He started his career in the mining and manufacturing industries. Over the last decade, Andrew has developed a close relationship

with primatologist Dr Jane Goodall and her foundation - the Jane Goodall Institute.

In helping leaders develop positive workplaces, Andrew often takes leaders to zoos and in

partnership with JGI and the primate keepers, teaches leaders how to recognise our basic

behaviours so we can choose to use those behaviours constructively.

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