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Shannah Kennedy and Plan B

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Change can be painful if you don't have a toolbox to use. Do you have a Plan B? We talk to Shannah Kennedy about her new book, Plan B and how you can build a Plan B on our forthcoming new series of In The Spirit of Things.

Shannah Kennedy was a type-A, overachieving perfectionist when she experienced burnout at the age of 30. In Plan B she shares her journey for people feeling hopeless in the face of change, and explains how you can turn a change in circumstance into your second act – a Plan B.

Shannah’s wake-up call came when she was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and depression. She’d been a high-powered sports executive but suddenly, one morning, her body and mind broke.

Over the following year she became a Life Coach and built a new life that was sustainable and healthy.

Since then she’s spent 20 years building a Plan B for clients from CEOs to elite athletes facing their next steps.

If you’re asking ‘Who am I without my job?’, or ‘How will I ever recover?’, Plan B offers solutions.

In Plan B, Shannah explores:

• The 4 stages in facing a change in life, from shock and grief, to healing, resetting and shining once again

• Why the process of change is critical to be able to lean into in order to find happiness once again

• Unlocking your thoughts, feelings and emotions with a series of journalling activities

• Learning the power of values, habit stacking, vision, goals, self-care for mental health and wellbeing, and loving who you areChange

‘Change can turn our plans, our lives and our dreams upside down. Whether you have faced a redundancy, had a relationship breakdown, lost a loved one, been in an accident, had a health scare, or been impacted by an economic downturn, your ability to accept, adapt, pivot and build a new plan will be the key to your future happiness.

About Shannah Kennedy

Shannah Kennedy is a best-selling author whose 2015 book The Life Plan has sold over 100,000 copies.

She is an Advanced Certified Coach and NLP Practitioner. She specialises in self-management, self-leadership and mastering the powerful art of self-care for longevity.

Her ability to directly empathise with high achievers has Shannah in constant demand with entrepreneurs, executives, managers, celebrities and professional athletes.

As a professional coach and author, successful business owner and sought-after corporate speaker, as well as a wife, mother and investor, Shannah has mastered the art of balance. She offers her clients, and now her readers, an opportunity to achieve simplicity, structure and success in life.

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