R U OK? Day At International Towers

WOW was honoured to be the key speaker at International Tower's R U OK? Day morning tea on Thursday September 12. It was the first initiative we had worked on together with the International Towers Community who have been supportive of WOW's Chaplaincy support for those working and living in the precinct and we thank them for that.

Together we practiced our R U OK? conversations with the goal of embedding them into our everyday lives.

Mental Health is now a major concern for society as each of us, works to build into our busy lives self care into our lives, at work, at home and at play. This also means looking out for each other and if we notice someone is out of sorts, to trust our gut and as that powerful question, R U OK?

It's a question chaplains ask all the time in our day to day work and often are required to just listen when someone is in a crisis. One of the things we discussed was the importance of referring people to appropriate professional support and indeed sometimes sitting with someone while they make that appropriate call to see their GP if necessary.

There have been chaplains on the battlefield for centuries providing care and now with a contemporary twist WOW is bringing the concept of practical care to the workplace. At its very basic level chaplaincy is about presence. Sometimes we all need someone just to listen. It is a confidential service and we refer on to appropriate support as necessary.

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