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Pre-Enrolments For Self Care School 2020 Open on January 19

WOW Self Care School, is an online video based training delivered over 8 weeks. It will kickoff on 2020 on March 2, 2020. Self Care School focuses on the 6 core plinths of health and wellbeing:

1. Physical Wellbeing

2. Social Wellbeing

3. Financial Wellbeing

4.Community Wellbeing

5.Career Wellbeing

5. Planet Wellbeing.

Self Care School seeks to encourage greater attention to our own self care through exercises and taster experiences throughout the course. Self Care School will open for pre-enrolment on January 19 ahead of the March 2, kickoff date. Attendance at Self Care School is $1600 per participant and 12 month payment plans of $166 per month are available. Corporates who would like to provide access for employees can access group rates. Scholarships are also available.

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