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Mel Wojtas Talks The Intersection Of Domestic and Family Abuse, Mental Health And Financial Abuse

#cxbanks broadcasts today, World Mental Health Day at 11.00am and we are thrilled to have Mel Wojtas as one of our panellists. You can listen to Mel on panel 3. Mel understands the importance of our discussion at #cxbanks - the intersection of Domestic and Family Violence, Financial Abuse and Mental Health. She's lived with that intersection most of her life.

Most of Mel's growing years were spent visiting her Dad in Hospital. He had been a victim of institutional child sexual abuse and as a consequence was mentally very ill most of his life. He died by suicide on Fathers Day 2017 in what Mel believes was a perfect storm, his declining mental health, her Mum was away and a letter with a financial demand added to the overwhelming stressors. Mel herself is a victim/survivor of Domestic and Family Violence.

Today, Mel is a survivor of Domestic and Family Violence and a determined Social Entrepreneur, an engaging Speaker, Lived Expertise Consultant and Media Advocate, based in Sydney, Australia.

Equipped with invaluable knowledge on topics such as domestic and family abuse/violence, mental health, losing a parent to suicide and how she thrives after trauma she shares her story with others. Utilizing decades of lived expertise, complemented by industry education and training, to create memorable talks that inspire calls to action.

Mel represents Domestic Violence NSW in both Voices for Change (Women) NSW and LGBTIQ Voices for Change NSW. Advocating for changes at all levels from primary prevention, societal attitudes, current systems, services gaps and government policy.

Pivoting away from a decade of office support roles in the corporate world, Mel has remained purpose-driven in utilizing her own adverse events to create impactful and positive change for others.

In 2016, Mel envisioned Hive Village Project, a start-up that will provide permanent housing with integrated support services for human and animal survivors of Domestic & Family Abuse, in regional Australia.

To aid in her mission, Mel has been studying Community Services at TAFE NSW and a Bachelor of Social Science and received a full scholarship into the Women's Business School, a female founders Business incubator program; Ignite 2019.

To keep up to date with professional and sector development, Mel is a member of Australian Community Workers Association, Women's Network Australia, Future Women, Domestic Violence NSW and Women's Safety NSW.

Mel was a finalist in two categories for the AusMumpreneur Awards 2019 and was a nominee for a Women's Agenda Leadership Award 2019 and an LGBTI Honour Award 2019.

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