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Ludmila Praslova - Are our workplaces fit for purpose in 2022

Coming up on In The Spirit of Things we talk with Ludmila Praslova.

Ludmila N. Praslova, Ph.D., SHRM-SCP, is organizational culture, inclusion, and future-of-work strategist with extensive experience in global diversity and inclusion, belonging, engagement, and employee wellbeing. She is a professor and director of Graduate Programs in Industrial-Organizational Psychology at Vanguard University of Southern California.

She writes for Fast Company, Harvard Business Review and SHRM blog, serves as the editor of the upcoming book, “Evidence-Based Organizational Practices for Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging and Equity” (Cambridge Scholars), and the editor of the upcoming special issue of the Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research on Disability inclusion in the workplace: From “accommodation” to inclusive organization design.

She says: As long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by people and cultures. Now, I help organizations create cultures where people of all backgrounds thrive. I also teach others to design healthier organizations.

I started working in global diversity while still in college, and since then, everything I’ve done focused on cultural and human flourishing, be it building intercultural relations programs in a global non-profit organization, creating academic programs, or research and writing. My passion for designing systems where humans can be their authentic, creative, and fulfilled selves informs my teaching, writing, and consulting. So does my desire to multiply the impact of creating inclusive cultures.

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