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Introducing WOW Well Breakfasts

We were thrilled to host the first of #wowbarangaroochaplaincy 'Well Breakfasts' this morning. Each breakfast, held monthly, is designed to allow an individual spiritual experience. Why do this?

We wanted to take the time to show our local community, that each and everyone of them matters and that through connection with yourself it is possible to make self care a daily priority, even at work.

Chaplaincy is all about people, about being there for someone and one of the common denominators when we talk with someone is the need for self care in times of crisis. We call it 'extreme self care' in those moments of life when just everything is an effort. But if we don't actually have any experience of self care and our own spirituality at those times it's a bit daunting to start in the middle of a crisis. That's what Well Breakfasts are all about. Giving our community simple and helpful tools to manage our lives in wellness and in troubled waters. WOW Well breakfasts are designed to be a time just for you, to explore your purpose, your values and your connectedness to others.

We get up early, try a new selfcare experience each month, have breakfast together and then head to work with a new intention for our daily self care for that month. Let's see how the Well Breakfasts develop over the coming months. If you'd like to join our growing group please let us know

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