Emergency Edition of WOW Self Care School

During Covid-19 WOW has provided a FREE emergency edition of Self Care School. It is a 14 day video based online learning program designed to help you master Self Care during uncertain times. The course uses evidence based and trauma informed learning practices. To get you started download your FREE emergency Self Care plan.

About Emergency Edition WOW Self Care School

Your Health doesn’t improve in isolation, nor does your purpose in life, your social connections, your financial stability, or your sense of pride in where you live. All these elements interact and influence one another and benefit from your attention to these Self Care practices. Covid-19 has disrupted all of our lives and for many it has been extremely challenging to manage multiple stressors at once. Emergency Edition of WOW Self Care School is designed to slow things down for you and give you space to re-examine where you require professional external support and help, assess your mental health needs and of course master the foundations of Self Care.

The 7 essential Self Care plinths that we must all focus on holistically are:

  1. Career S elf Care

  2. Social Self Care

  3. Financial Self Care

  4. Physical Self Care

  5. Community Self Care

  6. Spiritual Self Care

  7. Planet Self Care

How Does Self Care Support YOU?

Self Care helps us COPE during illness, stress, loss and change. It also supports carers looking after loved ones who need to res-set their own self care, parents adjusting to life with a newborn, mothers suffering post natal depression, people building a new life after relocating, over worked executives and exam-stressed teenagers.

Self Care helps us RECOVER from illness, stress, loss and change by taking care of ourselves while working with expert health professionals. Some people who have undertaken Self Care School are seeking help after losing a loved one, an experience of betrayal, redundancy, recovering from a range of conditions, including depression, severe illness or after a divorce.

Self Care offers us a PROTECTIVE FUNCTION, forming a buffer against future stress. Sometimes, we have knowledge that a challenge lies ahead and we have worked with some wonderful, proactive people who are preparing themselves for life-changing events and situations.

Self Care helps us to FLOURISH as individuals. Self Care can help you become the best version of yourself. You can aspire to be the kind of parent or partner you desire, step up to embark on a new career, return to study, seek a renewed sense of purpose following retirement or simply getting into the shape you want.

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