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Elly Johnson A.K.A 'Truth Maven'

We talk to Elly Johnson on our next In The Spirit of Things Conversation.

Elly Johnson is a former police officer turned communication specialist who has earned the nickname 'Truth Maven'. She shines a spotlight on critical elements of robust relationships and healthy workplaces; truth, trust and transparency.

Elly’s fresh perspective on communication and human behaviour equips people with an awareness of the the power of truth in all parts of life. She explores how to apply this knowledge to develop confidence to hear, speak, influence or uncover truth when it matters most.

The subject of truth attraction and lie detection first appeared on Elly’s professional radar when she joined Victoria Police at the age of 22. She became curious about communication and interviewing styles and was motivated to understand how to better evaluate truthfulness and credibility in human interactions. Elly’s interest grew when she joined the corporate world as she continued her journey to explore the complexities of people and communication.

For almost 20 years Elly has worked with individuals, teams and organisations, helping to boost sales, improve communication, strengthen relationships, and reduce risk. Elly has built an expansive career which includes consulting with and developing programs for national security and intelligence agencies as well as teaching global businesses. She created a series of programs called Perceptive Interviewing® to help professionals uncover truthful and useful information and build confidence to make more informed decisions.

Elly’s core model of the 5 Truth Circles brings an awareness of the secret superpower we all possess that, when tapped, will bring an abundance of success. Drawing from experience in law enforcement, sales management, leadership and business along with personal life challenges, Elly provides an engaging and memorable experience, whether that be speaking on a stage, training in a classroom or presenting on the screen. Elly delivers practical tips and tools that can be implemented immediately in business, relationships and life.

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