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Dr Nicola Sharp - Jeffs From Surviving Economic Abuse Shares UK Experience At #CXBanks

We had a quick chat with Dr. Nicola Sharp - Jeffs yesterday who will feature in the bonus content for #cxbanks. Nicola established the Not For Profit Surviving Economic Abuse in the UK which is working to ensure there is a policy framework for addressing economic abuse.

Nicola is widely recognised as expert in economic abuse as it occurs within the context of coercive control. She has worked in the violence against women and girls (VAWG) sector since 2006 in policy-influencing and research roles.

In 2016, Nicola was made a Winston Churchill Fellow and travelled to the United States and Australia to explore innovative responses to economic abuse. It was her determination to ensure that women in the UK have access to the same responses that led her to establish Surviving Economic Abuse (SEA).

Nicola is also an Emeritus Research Fellow in the Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit (CWASU), London Metropolitan University and a Visiting Senior Fellow in Social Policy at the School of Law and Social Sciences, University of Suffolk.

Economic Abuse can happen to anyone. Spice Girls Mel B's recent book is worth a read to understand the complex intersection of relationships, employment and social determinants of health often involved in domestic and family abuse, economic abuse and mental health.

“He controlled all my bank accounts. ‘You are so rubbish with money’ he’d say, removing credit cards from my purse. ‘You need someone to sort you out. You’re a washed-up old has-been Spice Girl. You are lucky you have me now.’ He’d take my credit cards and go shopping.”


Tools For Spotting Economic Abuse

Economic Abuse Is Your Past, Present and Future - Recommendations for Addressing economic abuse and moving towards economic safety

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