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Chaplaincy Support At The Exodus Foundation

This week we helped out at the Exodus Foundation providing chaplaincy support for the Foundation’s guests.

The Exodus Foundation, founded by the Rev. Bill Crews is widely known for providing food, primary healthcare and crisis support to Sydney’s homeless and marginalised. They operate a medical clinic, dentist surgery, provide social workers and case workers. The emphasis on health and wellbeing is extensive.

The reasons why people ask for help are varied, from needing financial assistance to pay rent and the bills, to requiring simple basics like a toothbrush and razor.

The Exodus Foundation’s Social Health & Outreach programs and services are designed to support and assist their guests who are experiencing poverty to break free of it.

Of concern, we learnt that the number of women turning to the Exodus Foundation for help has grown in recent years; more older women living in poverty and women fleeing violence.

Immediate support is readily available but finding suitable housing continues to be a challenge faced by all agencies in the Domestic and Family Violence Sector. The fact is there is simply not enough emergency accommodation places available for the scale of this problem.

Thankfully to date Exodus’ caring team work have been able to get women and their children fleeing violence off the streets and into safe accommodation. They perform these ordinary miracles all the time.

Many reading this post will already know the core of the Exodus Foundation’s work within the community is the service of free meals to the homeless and at risk. They provide free meals every day of the year from the Loaves and Fishes Restaurant and meals 364 days a year also to the mobile food van in Woolloomooloo. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The Foundation is committed to the health of all their guests, and provide meals in accordance with Second Bite’s Fresh Nutritional Education (Fresh NED) programs and the highest food hygiene standards.

The meals are prepared by qualified chefs and a large team of volunteers.

If your workplace is looking for a cause to support, please think about volunteering at Exodus and/or assisting with donations as we lead into the Christmas window. The Christmas giving guide is online and can be found here

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