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CEO Of Lokahi Foundation, Rachael Natoli To Speak At CXBanks

We are pleased to announce that Rachael Natoli CEO of the Lokahi Foundation will speak at CXBank$. Rachael shares her lived experience of Financial Abuse and advocates for law reform addressing emotional and economic abuse in NSW.

She says, "It takes years for a survivor to reclaim their lives when economic abuse has occurred and it further puts women and children at risk of homelessness. Something needs to be done."

CXBank$ is an online webinar style gathering that discusses the intersection of domestic and family violence, mental health and financial abuse. It is being held on World Mental Health Day, October 10. Tickets are free and you can get yours at

Rachael is an accomplished primary school teacher, who drove successful change and performance within the education sector, co-authoring a recommendation paper on the importance of learning through play and its continuation past the first year of school, which particularly aids the learning of Summer-born boys.

Rachael moved to Australia from the UK eleven years ago, and is a mum to 6 year old twin boys. In 2015, Rachael fled an abusive relationship which involved physical, emotional, financial and sexual abuse. Four years later, Rachael can now call herself a survivor and is dedicating her life to advocating domestic abuse prevention and support through the charity she founded, the Lokahi Foundation to help support and empower other women and families to escape these abusive relationships and reclaim their lives.

Rachael says there is life beyond domestic abuse but it takes time, support and most of all the determination to move forward, reclaim your life and truly break free from the abuse. She shares her experience and offers hope for victims and survivors.

Rachael has attained a postgraduate certificate in Early Professional Development and BA (Hons) in Primary Education from Leeds Beckett University. She is also the recipient of three Duke of Edinburgh Awards, including the gold standard. Rachael loves sport and is passionate about her team, the Sydney Roosters, which she supports religiously.

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