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Bill Edgar - The Coffin Confessor

Coming up on our In The Spirit of Things Conversations we talk with Bill Edgar, Australia's 'Coffin Confessor' He reveals his darkest secrets in a conversation about his bizarre life gatecrashing funerals divulging what the dead really thought of their friends and his story is now being turned into a Hollywood blockbuster.

Imagine you are dying with a secret. Something you'd never had the courage to tell your friends and family. Or a last wish - a task you needed carried out before you can rest in peace. Now imagine there's a man who can take care of all of that at your funeral - whose loyalty is only to the dead... We meet Bill Edgar, the Coffin Confessor.

Sounds all very gimmicky but it's actually not when you talk with Bill. It's Bill’s powerful back story of a really tough childhood that most intrigues me. It talks to resilience, to real vulnerability and the consequences of us not tackling at leadership levels the societal issues that we can and should address.

Bill also talks to bravery. He is a survivor and he has spoken up. It's an incredible story and we are honoured to have him on the show.

When you hear Bill’s story you truly wonder how some people manage to get through life. Bill has and his story has powerful lessons for us all. Including the power of love.

Bill Edgar, is a private investigator turned professional 'funeral-crasher' is set to become the next big thing in Hollywood after he landed a book deal, a reality television show and a movie contract with Paramount Pictures.

Mr Edgar fell into gate-crashing burials in early 2018 after a dying man randomly requested he interrupt his funeral to confront his best mate who had tried to 'screw' his wife.

He knew his days as a PI were numbered when word got around about the bizarre last request and the 'Coffin Confessor' went viral.

Mr Edgar turned the idea into a thriving business divulging his dead clients' explosive secrets to their families during burials and will readings and now he is set to crack the big screen.

The Coffin Confessor proved to be a huge media hit with Mr Edgar inundated with interviews from around the world.

An interview with Good Morning Britain late in 2018 proved pivotal in his celluloid success after the segment caught the attention of US based celebrity agent, Steve Mandell.

Mr Mandell, based in Chicago, represents some of the world's biggest media personalities and sports athletes including Oprah Winfrey, Stedman Graham and Adam Sandler.

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