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Alex Gerrick Talks To PTSD

To his friends, family and work colleagues Alex is a successful senior bureaucrat, well respected and liked by those who view him as an inspirational leader.

But behind the facade, Alex is tormented by his past traumas, especially his betrayal of a young woman while on holiday in Greece in 1995.

We talk with Alex about his debut novel: A Season Of Clouds on In The Spirit Of Things.

About Alex Gerrick

Alex Gerrick is a former army reserve officer, senior bureaucrat, and political adviser who now advocates for PTSD sufferers and men’s health in his role as CEO of FearLess Outreach and Deputy Chair of Animal Therapies Limited.

He holds master’s degrees from Deakin University and the National Defense College of the Philippines, as well as several other academic qualifications.

In February 2022, he published his first book, A Season of Clouds, a fictional memoir based on his battles with mental illness and PTSD . Alex lives in Canberra, Australia, with his wife Miriam. He is currently working on his next book with the author of Under Siege, Belinda Neil, the second in his proposed A Season of Clouds trilogy, A Season of Thunder.

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