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For Employers

The WOW (World of Work) Chaplaincy is the only chaplaincy working in the workplace.


We believe Chaplaincy can be a positive influence in the workplace and are here to help corporate and retail employers in the Barangaroo Precinct start a conversation in shaping values and ethics in pursuit of a more transparent business environment.

WOW understands workplace issues and has a wealth of experience in providing listening support both to employees and employers, across diverse groups. We act confidentially and independently and have links with other agencies and third parties to help support the working community.

  • Assist business committed to building healthy, stable and caring cultures and community

  • 1st Responders to incidents of Workplace Sexual Harassment, Workplace Bullying and the Convergence of Domestic and Family Violence. We are victim focused and our service is confidential, providing support and practical care and referrals as necessary for the victim 

  • Provide a sustainable strategy ‘on-top-of’ training strategies – chaplains are there when trainers leave!

  • Offer bereavement support to employees in the event of the death of a relative or colleague. This includes supporting the individuals, teams and managers as well as assistance with preparing employees to attend funerals of different faiths or helping colleagues to plan a service of thanksgiving (with or without a faith content)

  • Visit employees and their families in hospital

  • Provide grief and loss support across a range of situations from job loss, to family relationships

  • Critical incident and trauma first responders

  • Suicide aware

  • Working with the precinct to establish Wesley LifeForce Program – a unique community suicide and prevention program

  • Advise around challenges in Diversity and Inclusion (which can involve issues around religion)

  • Celebration and Commemorative Date Observances such as International Women’s Day, World Health Day, Harmony Week and more – pop up Chaplaincy support for those who may need assistance

Chaplains are not counsellors and often refer someone to appropriate organisations and resources. This is an important distinction as Chaplains are trained to have important referral resources at their fingertips should it be so required

Examples of how Chaplaincy can help employers:
24Access Critical Incidents – Crisis Management

We will help your organisation respond to significant critical events providing a rapid response solution when it matters.

WOW provided an Australia-wide CRITICAL INCIDENT support service for business to care for their employees during tough times. If a workplace has a critical incident, traumatic loss, suicide, severe injury or difficult moment – a crisis care chaplain will serve the business when required. Our chaplains are first-responders who provide critical incident spiritual care and assist with professional referral for members if and when needed. The program provides peace-of-mind to Boards and CEO’s who often carry the burden alone.

Reach & Responsiveness

The first 72 hours are critical in the support of communities undergoing loss or trauma. Our reach extends across cities and rural communities. In fact, nowhere is too hard – from outback WA to the heart of Balmain. Our team is mobile – we come to you in a timely manner

Understanding & Compassionate

Our personnel understand business and business communities. They show respect and are sensitive to the different cultures, people, age groups, expectations and religious affiliations contained in any workplace. With open hands, a warm heart and clear thinking our 24Access Managers will work in-step with the needs of your business.

Is there a Cost to Refer to WOW Chaplaincy

No. We are a service for the Barangaroo Community. You can refer any employee or, perhaps more importantly make the service known to your employees via your staff induction programs and more.

Is there a Cost to Receive Access24?

Yes for the Access24 Critical Incident Service there is a cost. A $2 per employee annual subscription fee applies. 24ACCESS program is usually subscribed by the business for all employees.

For example, a business may have 5,000 employees They would pay 5,000 x $2 = $10,000 annual subscription fee. Please contact our WOW Chaplaincy here for further information.

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