Mental Health

WOW delivers 3 Mental Health Initiatives

  1. 'Culture of Care' We take this program to building communities, enabling them to encourage a wellness campaign where large populations gather. We support this  with content and a building community self care speaker program.

  2. 1st Responder Chat With A Chaplain, a confidential service for building population communities, providing practical care when things get tough. Everyone needs someone to talk with. We always refer on to appropriate services for those requiring additional support.

  3. Self Care Lounges - WOW curates Self Care Lounges for Events and Crisis Response


WOW curates webinar gatherings on subjects that require amplification. We work holistically with stakeholders to improve awareness, resources and public policy.


The Women's Advocate program to be rolled out in 2020 is a training program delivered by Lived Experience Advocates designed to build better support and recovery for women victims/survivors working to reclaim their lives. It has a particular focus on financial safety, mental health and self care.


Safe Communities is an adhoc gathering celebrating diversity and inclusion and encouraging psychosocial safety for all.