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About WOW Barangaroo Chaplaincy

Chaplaincy, is well established within hospitals, prisons, universities, emergency services and the armed forces, all of which have their own models. In recent years, Chaplains can be found in different workplace contexts. Chaplaincy is now found within retail malls, city centres, airports, the arts and media sector and other places of work.

The WOW Barangaroo Chaplaincy is unique in being all about practical support and spiritual care from the outset, for those with faith and those who do not, working with global companies and operating within the bounds of a 22-hectare precinct. Our focus is about wellness of the individual. WOW Barangaroo is able to speak openly and with integrity from a diversity perspective and how it can positively impact the workplace and contribute to the wellbeing of employees and their behaviour.

Our Values

Everyone is capable of having good values and ethics in their working lives not just people who profess a faith.

We aim to offer a non-judgmental and safe place to help people:

  • Explore those things which worry or concern them

  • Discover and explore how beliefs can inform or give meaning to their values, including the way they do business

  • Make the changes they want to make in their professional and personal lives

The WOW Barangaroo Chaplaincy believes a multi faith community can help inform values and ethics in the workplace and contribute to good business practices.

Chaplaincy Is All About Diversity and Inclusion

Economic activity is global and other new economies are beginning to emerge and contribute to the global economy. This has implications for the workforce, which is becoming more diverse in terms of nationality, cultures and faith. It would be hard to talk about a startup chaplaincy in Barangaroo without giving some context. In recent times, in particular in the financial and professional services industries – there have been contributing factors around the need to reinforce ethical behaviours. The Global Financial Crisis of which Australia largely escaped unscathed when it occurred, eventually did shine a spotlight on Australia. In particular misconduct with the recent Royal Commission into Misconduct in Banking and Financial Services.

Surprisingly this has created a number of opportunities for the fledgling WOW Barangaroo Chaplaincy. Barangaroo has a very diverse workforce. People of all nationalities, faiths and beliefs. People want to help resolve ethical dilemmas they may have and they want to bring their whole selves to work.

Chaplaincy Is About Purpose, Values, Beliefs and Ethics.

People talk to Chaplains about all sorts of issues, Family, relationships, work stressors and more. Chaplains don’t give advice, They listen and that’s its power. It’s called the Ministry of Presence. Chaplains also talk to employees about ethical issues that may be bothering them, they also want to understand the human impact of AI initiatives they might be planning and they want personal interaction with a someone who is trained in active listening to help them work their way through these and many other issues they face in a confidential setting.

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