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WOW Chaplaincy provides a core 1st Responder service for workplaces. Companies subscribe to the service to support their employees, a bit like EAP. However our service is completely confidential and due to the sensitive nature of disclosures we do not report to companies on those discussions.


Our focus is Domestic and Family Violence, Mental Health, Workplace Harassment and Workplace Bullying.

Our key role as Chaplains is to validate the person seeking support, empower them and help to clarify the next steps they would like to take and refer onto to services as is appropriate.


Our helpline and services are supported by trained Chaplains (Non Religious).


A Chaplain is a trained person who offers care and acceptance to all, regardless of race, gender or cultural background.



  • Listen

  • Provide a safe environment for people to share their feelings

  • Help people work through life issues

  • Are confidential and caring

  • Assist in times of crisis

  • Refer on to appropriate services

WOW Chaplaincy Modern Design Workspace

WOW - World Of Work Self Care


Our focus is on practical support and spiritual care. Each of us, has our own sense of spirituality and it can be faith, it can be as simple as belonging and hanging out with our local footie team.


For each of us, spirituality is deeply personal and vital to our resilience. It is at the very core of our sense of purpose, our beliefs and value systems. That's why the mind, body, spirit connection is so important.

Our specialist team of Chaplains are all post graduate qualified in Chaplaincy, skilled in spiritual, emotional and ethical care and are here to help. WOW Chaplaincy is available 24-hours a day to registered workplaces to provide compassionate and competent crisis intervention, for your employees, their families and your community.


Chaplaincy is completely confidential.

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